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Train Schedules

This should be considered only a general guide as to train schedules. The company will deviate from this schedule as business conditions dictate, perhaps even daily. Remember: the advertised time of each job is the earliest that the company can call a crew, so usually the on-duty time is later than the advertised job time. The charts below list the typical departure times since that is what matters if you want to see a train on the road.

In January, 2007 the Company forecast declining business compared to the hectic pace of 2006 so cut several yard jobs in Bowden and local jobs 955 in West Palm Beach and 909 in New Smyrna Beach. F.E.C. is a freight railroad so it has no need to adhere to rigid timetable as does a passenger railroad. Business conditions change constantly and the Company changes with them, so train times will vary day-to-day and week-to-week. Those who treat this schedule as gospel are fooling themselves.


Bowden yard — mp 7; Jacksonville; car shop; intermodal, rock, mixed freight yard.

NSB — mp 124; New Smyrna Beach; engine, car, paint shops; rock and mixed freight yard. (Closed)

Cocoa-City Point — mp 169; rock facility; terminal point for The Unit Train (336 northbound, 335 southbound)

Cocoa — mp 173; rock and mixed freight yard.

Fort Pierce — mp 242; rock and mixed freight yard; newly revitalized intermodal ramp; terminal for Tropicana juice refrigerated boxcars.

West Palm Beach — mp 297; rock and mixed freight yard.

Fort Lauderdale — mp 343; intermodal and mixed freight yard.

Hialeah — mp 365 (LR7); northwest Miami; intermodal and auto ramps, mixed freight yard.

Medley — mp ML4.5; four track rock yard, 120 car capacity; terminal point for rock trains; reached from Hialeah yard by way of the Medley Lead.

Through Freight Trains

Through freight trains carry the long-haul cargo from Jacksonville to either Fort Pierce, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami.

F.E.C. interchanges with CSX and Norfolk Southern in Jacksonville. For example, NS train 209 comes into Bowden yard and is operated by an F.E.C. crew as F.E.C. train 105 with F.E.C. power.

Northbound and Southbound service plans

The current Northbound and Southbound service plans are available in the file section of the FECRS Yahoo group at:


Extras are unscheduled trains that fill a specific need. Some of the extras run at fairly predictable times, but they are staffed by the extra board crews, those who do not have seniority to get regular train runs. This table lists trains that can be expected to run as listed, but these trains' schedules still vary much more than others. The train number depends on how many extras run that day since midnight; see the notes following the table for the numbering scheme.

Table 3: Common Extras

Train symbol

Depart time (sort)

Depart station Arrival time Arrival station Stops Stop time Consist Days
14x1 19:00 Bowden 02:00 Ft Pierce NSB, Titusville, Cocoa 21:30,
extra replaces 119 on his off day; juice, mixed freight, autos Su
24x2 15:00 Ft Pierce 21:00 Bowden Cocoa, Titusville   extra replaces 220 on his off day; mixed freight, autos; sometimes light run to Cocoa (Frontenac) M
14x 18:30 Bowden   Hialeah     monthly CSX coal train to Medley; CSX & NYC/Conrail coal hoppers from W.Va. coal region R or F
14x 00:01 Bowden 10:00 Hialeah     auto racks as needed
24x 00:01 Hialeah 10:00 Bowden     mty auto racks as needed
14x ??:?? Bowden ??:?? Cocoa     added 2006 to handle extra business as needed
24x ??:?? Cocoa ??:?? Bowden     added 2006 as needed

Note 1: Southbound extra trains are numbered beginning with 141 and incrementing by 2 for each additional extra job that day; e.g. 141 is the first extra of the day since midnight, 143 the second extra, and so on. The numbering sequence resets at midnight.

Note 2: Northbound extra trains are numbered beginning with 240 and incrementing by 2 for each additional extra job that day; e.g. 240 is the first extra of the day since midnight, 242 the second extra, and so on. The numbering sequence resets at midnight.

Local Trains

Locals get the “last mile” job done, delivering product to the customer, picking up empty cars, and switching and buiding trains in the yard. There are even some local jobs that run as extras when traffic warrants.

The lower-numbered locals handle the north jobs, higher-numbered locals handle south jobs. See Fort Pierce for example.

Locals are the most difficult to track, so if you have updates or corrections, please send them in! This list is not complete by any means.

Table 4: Local Trains

Train symbol On duty Station Remarks Days
905 05:00 Bowden Bunnell turn M-F
910 06:00 NSB Dorena turn M-F
915 06:00 Cocoa Hall turn M-F
916 18:00 Cocoa relieves 915 as needed; new for 2006 M-F
920 05:00 Ft Pierce Pineda turn; north mixed freight T-Sa
925 05:00 Ft Pierce 328 turn; south to Jupiter & Camp Murphy M-F
928 12:00? Ft Pierce M-F
931 21:30 Cocoa Cocoa turn, switches Unit Train rock at City Point yard M-F
932   Ft Pierce K-branch switcher; brings Tropicana juice to yard, 3 runs each day M-Sa
942   Ft Pierce    
945 16:00 WPB WPB north; to Camp Murphy M-F
945 08:00? WPB WPB north; 218's pick-up to Camp Murphy; works Jupiter Sa
950 15:00 WPB WPB south; to Lake Worth, Boynton; assists in making 218's pigs solid when he picks up in WPB M-F
960 10:00 FTL “Boca local”; north to Pompano Farmer's Market, Deerfield M-Sa
965 01:30 FTL cuts up 117 and 123 when they arrive, switches south to Dania, Hollywood, Ojus M-Sa
970 15:00 FTL Fort Lauderdale pig ramp switcher, never leaves the yard M-F
downtown ??:?? Hialeah “Downtown Miami” yard job; never leaves yard limits, thus is not a local and no number assigned; works Little River belt line industries, rarely runs to the Port of Miami on Dodge Island M-F
998 08:00 Ft Pierce Extra north rock switcher to Vero Beach, yard duties Sa
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