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Introduction to the F.E.C.R.S. by Seth Bramson

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Introduction to the Florida East Coast Railway Society

by Seth Bramson

The Florida East Coast Railway is America's most exciting railroad. With a history that goes back to the late 1850's, when the very first of the predecessor railroads was built, the Florida East Coast (F.E.C.) is, today, one of America's few “smaller” independent railroads.

On December 31, 1885, the fabled Henry M. Flagler purchased, lock, stock, barrel, right of way and equipment, the Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Halifax River Railroad and through other purchases and construction would eventually extend the road from the Jacksonville beaches, down the entire east coast, and on to Key West, in the greatest single railroad construction and engineering feat in American, and possibly world history. Numerous branch lines were acquired or built through the years, and today's F.E.C., having survived boom, bust, bankruptcy, the destruction of the Key West Extension in the 1935 Hurricane, strikes, sabotage, and the rebuilding of itself from the ground up, is, today, America's most admired railroad.

In 1999, a group of F.E.C. aficianados met with the intent of forming a technical and historical society dedicated to the history and operations, both current and past, of the Florida East Coast. From that meeting has arisen the F.E.C. Railway Society, now with 200+ members[1], whose interest in the railroad ranges from its great and glorious history to present day equipment and motive power.

The Society issues a regular newsletter “” and plans to hold regular meetings and educational seminars to delve into the railroad's history and to discuss current operations. Longer term plans call for books, booklets and monographs to be published dealing with various facets of the railroad and it's incredible and exciting past.

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Above introduction courtesy of Seth Bramson, author of Speedway to Sunshine, the definitive book covering the Florida East Coast Railway, from its earliest days to the new millenium. The newly revised book went to press in August 2002 and is available at many outlets and railroad hobby shops.

Note 1: Since the time this was written, the Society's membership has exceeded 200 members.

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