Train Schedule

Information on Daily Operations of the FEC and Virgin Trains USA

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The FEC operates a variety of locals along the railway to service its customers.  All times and operations are approximate and may change without notice. Times listed using 24 hour clock. Information is accurate as of June 2019.

Train SymbolOn Duty On Duty Location Notes Days
9059:00BowdenBunnell turn. Heads south from Jacksonville to switch the industries down to St. Augustine and then Bunnel before it returns north. On rare occasions it may run all the way to New Smyrna Beach to pick up cars that 202 is unable to get.M-F
910Abolished Q1 2019
9156:00Titusville RampWorks the Titusville intermodal facility and then heads south to Bonaventure before returning north. Occasionally swaps cars with the 920 at Pineda.M-F
916late eveningTitusville RampGoes to City Point to build train 335M-F
9205:00Fort PierceRuns north Monday, Wednesday, and Friday turning at the Pineda siding. Tuesday and Thursday it runs south to Port Sewell.M-F
930-Fort PierceRuns down the K Branch and switches TropicanaM-F
912-Fort PierceRuns south from Fort Pierce with rock for Lewis Terminal and heads north with intermodal from the Port of Palm BeachSaturday
945early morningWest Palm BeachRuns south from WPB to Delray Beach in the mornings. Switches Lewis Terminal and drops off rock(M-TH). Also switches 121's train at the Port of Palm BeachM-F
950afternoonWest Palm Beach945 afternoon counterpart. Collects empty's from 945, empty rock in Lewis terminal, and intermodal from the Port of Palm Beach and takes it north to Fort Pierce.M-F
9601:30Fort LauderdaleBoca Raton Local. Heads north from Fort Lauderdale to work Nucor Steel and Pompano MarketM-F
9068:00Fort LauderdaleWorks 963's job on SaturdaySaturday
9068:00Fort LauderdaleWorks Fort Lauderdale Ramp and builds train 218 on SundaysSunday
96300:30 M 3:00 Tu-FFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdal Yard Job. Switches trains 117 and 109. Works Motiva tanks and DaniaM-F
9654:00Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale Yard Job. Ferries Motiva tank cars and boxcars to Hialeah for movement north to Jacksonville.M-F
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South Through Freights

Southbound trains operate with numbers in the 100 series and operate with odd numbers.  The execption to this rule is unit rock train 335.  Extra trains start in the 14x series. Information is accurate as of June 2019.

TrainStart Start Location End LocationBlocking (Stops)Notes Day
10113:00 M-Th
14:00 F-Sa
14:30 Su
Ft.Pierce setout on Saturday
10515:00Bowden--Sometimes AbolishedThursday
10717:45 Su-F
18:30 Sa
BowdenHialeahFt. Lauderdaleintermodal
NSB setout on Saturday
1091:30BowdenHialeahFt. Pierce/Ft. Lauderdaleintermodal/ mixed freight
Swaps with 210 everyday
11719:00 M
20:30 T-Sa
BowdenFort LauderdaleTitusvilleintermodal/ mixed freight
Swaps with 218
12122:00BowdenHialeahWPBintermodal Ft. Lauderdale setout on SaturdayM-Su
1271:30BowdenHialeahNSB/Ft. Pierce/ Ft. LauderdaleintermodalSu-M
193-Fort PierceMedley-empty rockM-F
33521City PointMedleyWPB/ Ft. Pierceempty rock. Swaps with 336M-Sa
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North Through Freights

Northbound trains operate with numbers in the 200 series and operate with even numbers. The execption to this rule is unit rock train 336. Extra trains start in the 24x series. Information is accurate as of June 2019.

Train Start Start Location End LocationBlocking (Stops) Notes Day
20212:30 M-F
14:00 S-Su
HialeahBowdenNSBintermodal, mixed freight, auto racks, rock.
Usually drives a rental car on Sunday
2101:30HialeahBowden-intermodal, swaps with 109Tu-Sa
21819:00 Su
22:00 M-F
Fort LauderdaleBowden-intermodal, mixed freight, ethanol tanks. Swaps with 117Su-F
22217:15 M-F
18:30 Sa-Su
HialeahBowdenFt. Pierceintermodal, rockM-Su
22623:00HialeahBowdenNSB/ CocoaintermodalM-Su
2287:00NSBBowdenFt. Lauderdale/ Ft. Pierce/ NSBUsually drives to NSB and takes locomotives and cars northTu
29218:00MedleyFort Pierce-loaded rockM-F
33623:00MedleyCity PointWPBloaded rock, Follows 226
Swaps with 335
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Virgin Trains USA (Brightline)

Virgin Trains USA currently operates 34 weekday trains, 20 Saturday trains, and 18 Sunday Trains. Click the link below for current times and other information.

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Palmetto Bay, FL 33157-4888

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