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Convention 2018 Info and Registration
West Palm Beach, FL
Thu May 31 - Sun Jun 2

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Who we are

We are the Florida East Coast Railway Society aka “FECRS”. We maintain this website and a members only group FECRS_Group.

We also moderate the FECRailway group. The “FECRS” is not affiliated with any other organization, group, or list that may use a similar name.

FECRS Members Exclusive Features

“FECRS” members may take advantage of our exclusive member only online “FECRS” group. The latest “FECRS” member only news, train schedules, & information is distributed to this group, and members may post messages & communicate with other group members.

Current “FECRS” members are encouraged to join our free online group at FECRS_Group. A free Yahoo ID is required to join our group. This may be created at the above link if necessary.

2018 Convention

FECRS Convention 2018 is scheduled to be in West Palm Beach, FL May 31 - Jun 2, 2017. Registration info will be posted in the future.
Fall_Convention and Registration


The FECRS Merchandise page is active, the store is open. Visit our merchandise page for FEC and rail related items. For details see: Merchandise

Toys for Tots Christmas Train

Support Toys for Tots, donate or buy a raffle ticket to ride the FEC Toys for Tots Christmas train. For details see: Merchandise

Our Mailing Address

Our mailing address is:

Who Are We?

We are a group of volunteers and hobbyists who share an interest in the Florida East Coast Railway, from its beginnings prior to 1895 through current operations and into the future. This includes modelers as well as those who follow the operations of the prototype railway.

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What Do We Do?

As the F.E.C. is an operating railroad, rather than a fallen flag, we attract mainly railfans interested in current operations, and those interested in modeling the line at various times in its history.

The railfans and prototypers among us chase trains and photograph them; this is a great way to note changes in operations. Watch this space for our updated train chaser's guide.

The modelers among us design layouts patterned after their favorite eras of the F.E.C.; the most notable of these is Cal Winter's incredible Key West Extension layout. Our FECNtrak N-scalers assemble their modules at our annual membership convention to operate a huge layout that they could never squeeze in at home. The Society's modelers were instrumental in getting MicroTrains to produce N-scale Ortner hoppers in FEC lettering.

Those interested in the history of the F.E.C. have been doing current research into the construction techniques of the Key West Extension, as well as tracing the lineage of freight houses and depots still standing that might be restored in some of the towns along the line.

We also support the Steam Locomotive Association #253, the group that is restoring an original F.E.C. 0-8-0 steamer and consist in Fort Pierce, Florida.

No matter what facet of the F.E.C. interests you, we keep in touch with each other on a family of mailing lists hosted by Yahoogroups.

Join Us!

The primary benefit of membership in the F.E.C.R.S. is the quarterly newsletter and our annual membership convention which meets in the various cities and towns served by the F.E.C.

Read an introduction to the Society by Seth Bramson and the particulars of joining or renewing your membership..

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